You Are a Valentine's Day Rebel!

Valentine’s Day was probably created by a Rebel.  Rebels love color, fun, and romance.  Even gift giving is right up their alley.  They love giving extravagant gifts because they enjoy seeing the recipient’s reaction.  Deadlines, however, have never been a Rebel’s friend.  Counting on a Rebel to make a timely dinner reservation or actually purchase the extravagant gift may result in disappointment.   Rebels are known for their spontaneity, however, and will likely make up for their lack of planning in a fun way.

Retirement for the Rebel:

As Rebels age and face the prospect of retirement, they will be positively gleeful if they are able to leave a job that confined or limited their fun loving nature. Rebels, however, will not be content to just hang out and do nothing. They love to travel. They would rather experience exotic places than simply read about them. Ready to learn more about this and all of the archetypes? Sign up for our free What's Next Boomer newsletter!