You Are a Valentine's Day Dreamer!

Valentine’s Day is all about love and love is the operative word for Dreamers. Dreamers are indeed romantics.  Their focus, however, may have transitioned to love of their family members and friends.  Dreamers by their very natures are thoughtful and will remember their friends and family members with little gestures on Valentine’s Day.  They might offer to babysit for grandchildren so the parents can enjoy a romantic date night.  You won’t receive a “cheesy” gift from a Dreamer, they seek out the unique item not the typical.  

Retirement for the Dreamer:

Dreamers tend to be the best adjusted of all the archetypes in retirement. They always find lots to occupy their new-found time. Your strong people skills will continue to serve you well. While remembering special dates and occasions is an admirable quality, you should allow others to treat you with the same care and sensitivity as you have treated them. Too many commitments can make you feel overwhelmed and cause burnout. Ready to learn more about this and all of the archetypes? Sign up for our free What's Next Boomer newsletter!