You Are a Holiday Rebel!

Arguably the Rebel may have the most fun of all the archetypes with this holiday. Rebels by their natures are fun-loving, and what could be more fun than this colorful, musically imbued holiday season?  They are more likely to decorate with colorful lights and decorations perhaps verging  on the garish side (they believe in keeping the GAWD in Christmas).  Now don’t expect your Rebel to have actually prepared for the holidays. They truly fall into the last minute shoppers category. The “hot” new toys may well be sold out by the time the Rebel gets around to shopping. They are the proverbial kids on Christmas morning and will be on the floor or in the driveway playing with grandchildren’s new toys and games. Rebels also make entertaining holiday dinner guests. They will add lively conversation and jokes at the dinner table, just don’t expect them to arrive on time. Rebels are not big on tradition and may like to vary their holiday experiences, perhaps traveling one year, hosting the next, or visiting friends and relatives the year after.

Retirement for the Rebel:

As Rebels age and face the prospect of retirement, they will be positively gleeful if they are able to leave a job that confined or limited their fun loving nature. Rebels, however, will not be content to just hang out and do nothing. They love to travel. They would rather experience exotic places than simply read about them. Ready to learn more about this and all of the archetypes? Sign up for our free What's Next Boomer newsletter!