You Are a Holiday Dreamer!

All are welcome to share in the Dreamer’s holiday festivities. Leave no one behind might well be the Dreamer’s mantra.  They can’t bear to think about anyone spending the holidays alone (even if that person really would just like to enjoy a little down time).  “Mothering” is kind of the Dreamer’s M.O.  They can’t resist clucking, nurturing, and including.  Dreamers will also enjoy the creative component of the holidays- decorating with a flourish- and their decorations will be unique- the one-of-a-kind hand made ceramic nativity scene or Menorah.  A gift from the Dreamer will invariably be thoughtful reflecting their insight into the personality of the recipient. They also may give altruistic presents – contributions to a favorite charity or environmental organization.  When and where to celebrate is less important than actually being with children and grandchildren. Dreamers love spending time with their families.

Retirement for the Dreamer:

Dreamers tend to be the best adjusted of all the archetypes in retirement. They always find lots to occupy their new-found time. Your strong people skills will continue to serve you well. While remembering special dates and occasions is an admirable quality, you should allow others to treat you with the same care and sensitivity as you have treated them. Too many commitments can make you feel overwhelmed and cause burnout. Ready to learn more about this and all of the archetypes? Sign up for our free What's Next Boomer newsletter!